The best dentist you could ask for, my whole family has been going here for years. We moved 25 miles away and tried switching dentists which was a mistake to say the least. Very professional staff who genuinely care. I will continue to go here for as long as I live in SoCal. I recommend Sioe Ong to anyone that is looking for a pain free and inexpensive dentist.


What can I say? Brush at least twice a day and floss every night and you'll barely have a relationship with your dentist. All the staff, assistants, Dr Ong, and the hygienist (especially!) are very friendly and when I have an appointment, I am promptly seen. No bad experiences here.


I've been a patient of Dr. Ong for 26 years and always have had good experiences at his office. The other day an old bridge came off and Dr. Ong was able to fit me in on short notice. He made a good temporary bridge and 2 weeks later he put in a new bridge. The staff is always friendly, I feel very comfortable going there.


I am pleased to have found Dr Hamlet Ong. The entire staff is friendly, professional and efficient. I could add more superlatives but that would belabor the point.


Nightmares of horrible dentists and drills no more !!!
Dr. Ong and his staff are Dedicated, Detailed, Well-educated & Professional !

Dr. Hamlet Ong has been my dentist for as long as I can remember--at least 15 years ! My parents are also patients of him!

Dr. Hamlet Ong
I come twice a year for my routine teeth cleaning visits. Dr. Ong is still my primary dentist and does most of my cleanings. A few visits back, at my routine cleaning visits, he took an xray and found a baby cavity (oh my !!). And knowing I drive at leaset 30 miles to see him, he was able to squeeze me in and get it filled immediately. After every visit he always wishes my parents well. Talk about excellent service!!

Hygenist Isabelle
In the past, Dr. Ong has done all my teeth cleaning, but at my past three visits, Isabelle was my hygeniest. She isn't there every day, but I guess I happen to schedule my dental cleanings when she's there.
She is just as friendly, bubbly, professional and thorough! I always walk out of the office happy and satisfied with my clean, pearly whites.

+ Waiting room is spacious, doesn't feel stuffy or claustrophobic, large fish tank and neatly laid magazines.
+ Office is pretty big with several rooms.
+ Each room has a tall floor to ceiling glass with a view that is either the building lobby or outside.
+ Watch the morning show or news while getting work done. Each dental chair has a personal tv!
+ Dental tools come in individually wrapped/sealed bags.
+ Dental equipment is clean, seems up-to-date and in good condition.

Other Random Facts
+ He's very professional and has been in practice for over 20 years!!
+ Excellent credentials---educated at USC and received his DDS degree at Georgetown University.
+ Denistry seem to run in the family because his mother, Dr. Sioe Hwa Ong, also shares the same practice.
+ Dr. Ong accepts most dental insurance (thank goodness!!) My work seems to change dental insurances often, but I've been lucky that Dr. Ong accepts them!

Tips for Cavity-free Healthy Teeth !
+ To stay cavity-free my dentist recommend brushing your teeth regularly (pref. morning and night)
+ After every meal, rinse mouth with water. So helpful especially after eating candies or drinking soda or juice. Flushes the film of acid on your teeth so it won't eat away at the enamel.
+ Popping a chewing gum after a meal also helps with cleaning plaque buildup on teeth.
+ Don't be lazy and FLOSS!!! Keep gums+teeth healthy with daily flossing and rinsing with mouthwash!


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